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Our Game Plan in Genetics

Our Game Plan in Genetics

Feb 12, 2017

Baylor College of Medicine is unlocking the code within each person’s DNA to shine light on complex hidden conditions and cure illnesses once thought incurable.

All cancers are considered genetic due to their association with gene mutations after birth. Only a small percentage of cancer is actually hereditary, meaning it’s passed down from generation to generation. By discovering genetic abnormalities associated with specific cancers, we can detect the presence of these genes in patients before the onset of symptoms and develop treatments corresponding to each patient’s genetic makeup.

Through our strong partnership with Baylor College of Medicine, CHI St. Luke’s Health is able to take these research findings and apply them to create advanced cancer treatment plans for our patients. Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group oncologists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating cancers through the use of advanced therapies.

See how we’re boldly moving forward in genomics and cancer care.

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